ongoing treatment with demodex solutions creams

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ongoing treatment with demodex solutions creams

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I've been using both creams since mid August after a particularly bad break out I decided to see if the testimonials here were worth listening to. I've used both creams as instructed everyday - I've had rosacea on my nose for 20 years now, and it's ruined my self confidence. The intensity varies, but it's always there, or almost always on my mind.

There have only been two times in the last two decades where it has completely cleared - the first was when I was hospitalised following a severe Strep A - Strep Pyogenes - infection in my leg. The upside of two weeks in hospital was crystal clear skin following what was probably every other antibiotic known. Certainly fusidic acid featured heavily. Even after treatment had ended my skin remained clear for about a month.

The second clear spell, oddly was when I was ill with several protozoan gut infections - at the time I didn't know, so wasn't being treated with antibiotics. I felt like death, but amazingly my skin was completely clear for about a month. Perhaps the bugs interfered with my normal inflammatory response. I can't find any reason for it. When I was treated with antibiotics (inc oral metranidazole and triple therapy approaches) my skin got worse.

Anyhow - back to the creams. I didn't have any major breakout/reaction when first using them - the Fumanling cream felt hot on contact, the ZZ cream was severe and caused flaking. I also used the face wash and shampoo - which seems to keep some dermatitis in/behind my ear under control.

Is it working for me? I can't tell. I'm three months in - I've had no 'wow' moment. When it's better, it's a bit better - when it's worse it's much the same. I'll keep going but at the moment I couldn't say that I've seen results better than when I'm very strict with what I eat (avoid carbs, eat lots of leafy greens, no sugar) and drink bucket loads of water.

I was very asthmatic as a child and frequently in hospital and courses of antibiotics. I feel certain that this effected my intestinal flora and has consequently led to rosacea first appearing aged 23. Perhaps mine is fuelled by thought - certainly if I'm stressed, angry - of course, it tends to come out in my skin. However, I can by extremely busy (and therefore stressed) and it be calm. If it focus on it - not surprisingly, it tends to be worse.

The attached pictures are today - after three months treatment with the cream - this is a particularly bad day - probably the worst since starting. Why that should be - who knows, and my skin has calmed down again now. Still - it's not the way I'd like to start the day. Of course, I know many people have far worse and my symptoms may seem very mild to some.
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Re: ongoing treatment with demodex solutions creams

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Thank you for your update
It can take time for the mites to go, especially if there are also demodex brevis,
before 6 months of treating, you can not tell so please, just continue treating.
According to me, you will get rid of the problem.
It can also be that you have an additional problem, also a bacterial one, I had myself
not long ago after many years of being clear, suddenly infections on my nose even I have no mites anymore,
I took one month tetracycline antibiotic "Tetralysal" and all problems are gone again so
it was a pure bacterial problem.


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