Using ZZ cream but no breakouts.

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Using ZZ cream but no breakouts.

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Hello all. I've been using the ZZ cream every night for over 2 weeks now but haven't had a single breakout/blemish. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I always thought this cream made you face worse before it got better.

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Re: Using ZZ cream but no breakouts.

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Everybody is reacting different, some people get outbreaks and others not
so no need to worry about this


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Re: Using ZZ cream but no breakouts.

Post by colonialboy »

Hi, my name is Steve, just joined today and ordered the cream and other things to help me fight this skin thing that i am told is mild rosacea. I am 49. My skin was great up until a year ago. Then i got a few tick bites and a rash like mosquito bites came up over my chest and shoulders. Very itchy. Used clay and herbs and a lot of things to try and get relief. No sooner healed one spot up it came somewhere else. Took Antibiotics Emycin. Took a long time to heal each blemish and it came with fevors and like something was crawling under my skin. I went to the local chemist in my desperation after work one day, said it looked like a mite under my skin. Gave me a scabies cream that he said would help if it was a mite. It did help. But something always there ready to come out one at a time. I have battled acne rosacea in the past, yet went on antibiotics and it went. Used benZol peroxide for a long time after that and was great, no pimples and no antibiotics.
I have started getting big pimples on my face and nose. One at a time. Just about heal and then along came another. Went to a dermatologist, she said it was rosacea again and told me to stay on e-mycin. If it doesnt help she said actutaine. Now i read about ZZ and want to get off antibiotics and try this. It is very depressing but i have got great comfort seeing here there is a hope again and it could be these mites.

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Re: Using ZZ cream but no breakouts.

Post by bibigen »

I'm a 57 year old female and I was first diagnosed with PP rosacea 12 months ago and I think I have tried nearly everything on the market! Nothing worked until I came across this site and I started using the ZZ cream about 4 mths ago. The results are amazing but not before I had the predicted breakouts on my nose and chin. Even though I thought I was prepared for it, it was a pretty rough period - waking up each day with a new horror - about 3 weeks where BB cream was my best friend. Initially I found the cream made my skin very dry and scaly but now I am almost free of any pustules, the redness on my cheeks has almost completely subsided and my complexion is nearly back to what it was. I currently only use ZZ cream in the morning. I'm so glad I found this site and ZZ cream!

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