My experience so far (one week in)

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My experience so far (one week in)

Post by webgrunt »

Though I was a little surprised at how expensive the soap, cream and ointment is, I decided to give this a try. When I saw that the shipping charge was only $14 from Hong Kong to the US, I was worried that it would be shipped the cheapest way and would take three months to arrive--however, I received my order in less than a week, even though it had to pass through customs!

So far, all is as expected--I have been using acarid removing soap morning and evening followed by application of Xin Fumanling cream.

Though the soap is very mild and the cream feels cool and soothing, I did experience a worsening of my symptoms at first, which of course is a common experience and a normal part of the demodex removal process.

Currently I still have the symptoms of course, it's far too early in the treatment to expect complete recovery, however the symptoms have decreased quite a bit--probably from the 3% metronidazole, which is four times the strength of the 0.75% metronidazole cream (by prescription only) I get from my doctor. Metronidazole doesn't kill the demodex mites, but it reduces the symptoms of the rosacea substantially. I believe that the metronidazole is added to the Xin Fumanling cream to ease the symptoms of the demodex infection during the time it takes the other ingredients in the cream to kill off all the demodex parasites.

Also I am taking B² (riboflavin) twice a day. The instructions suggest taking 5-10 mg of vitamin B² (riboflavin) 3 times a day, but the lowest strength I could find of B² is 100 mg, which is a bit ridiculous. I'd break the pills into smaller pieces, but they're capsules so I can't.

I am also using soap with tea tree oil in it because it has mild topical antiseptic properties;, and taking zinc and vitamin C supplements, both of which help strengthen the immune system and speed healing. I may also add garlic to my diet as it is not only a strong immune system builder, but also the garlic compounds which have antibiotic properties are secreted in the perspiration--possibly through the sebaceous glands, which might help to kill or at least irritate the demodex mites. Unfortunately, garlic has the side effect of making the perspiration and breath very pungent, so I'll only be able to use this at certain times when it is not inconvenient to stink.

Lastly, I am going to use oregano oil (internally) as well, it has antibiotic properties also, but I hate the taste of it so I have to wait until I get some gelatin capsules to contain it and make it less horrible to take.

That's it for now! I'll keep posting to this board from time to time as my treatment progresses.

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Post by Titine »

any news ?

Paul H
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Re: My experience so far (one week in)

Post by Paul H »

Yes! The Zhongzhou seemed to help the most, my face was clear for a couple months, but the rosacea came back, I suspect I got re-infected with the mites.

Later, I eliminated caffeine from my diet (for other reasons) and since then I have not had any flare-ups except for the rare occasions where I fall "off the wagon" so to speak and have caffeinated beverages. So for me, the reaction to the mites which caused my rosacea doesn't occur when I avoid caffeine. If I was unable to avoid caffeine, then I'd use the Zhongzhou paste every few months or so when the rosacea came back.
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Re: My experience so far (one week in)

Post by Walter »

If I was unable to avoid caffeine, then I'd use the Zhongzhou paste every few months or so when the rosacea came back.

I would be better for you if you did a maintenance treatment to avoid re-infection and get troubles again,
using even one time a week in the evening is enough to keep them away.


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Re: My experience so far (one week in)

Post by Roben »

Thanks for taking time to help.....

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