Which Products Do I Need?

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Which Products Do I Need?

Post by laceyandrews »

Hello everyone.

I'm new here, but not to skin problems. I believe I've had a bad demodex infestation for at least 4 years now (24 year old female) and I also feel like I've tried everything. I'm willing to give demodex solutions a try but unfortunately I'm really really tight on money right now (I WISH this was sold in stores in the US) so I'd just like to know what products do I absolutely need?? Can I just order the zz cream not the... X-cream? I have some cystic acne on my face, which sometimes become lesions with the tiny white balls that never heal, but no rosacea. Recently however, I've started experiencing hair loss :( Which is just awful. But I'm ready to fix it and praying this does the trick.
So, zz cream - yes? how much do I really need and how long will it last me? what is most cost effective purchasing option?
shampoo - yes? how much? how long?
scalp cream - yes? necessary with the shampoo or not?

Also, I am at my wits end here and have resigned myself to NEEDING these products. Unfortunately, money is just very, very tight. If anyone has any coupon codes or ....idk sample discounts they can throw my way...first time customer discount..anything - it would be greatly and sincerely appreciated. I just can't go on like this.



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Re: Which Products Do I Need?

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We always advice to start using the Fumanling during the day and the ZZ ointment during the evening/night
but If you are on a tight budget you can only use the ZZ ointment,
If you use it very carefully you should be able to do minimum one month with one jar,
there is no need to use a lot, just use one time a day in the evening/night and try
to be patient.
Also, scalp problems become many times solved by only treating the face so wait buying
something to treat the scalp.
Buying 4 ZZ ointments at once gives you 10% discount plus only one time shipping needs to be paid.
Using our soap is also a help but not necessary.


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