Is this demodex?

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Is this demodex?

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Hi Walter

My friend and I two years ago stayed in a hotel together for one night. About two weeks later we both woke up with a butterfly rash across our face and bumps. Hers turned into flushing Nd mine was just a constant redness with bumps. A year later I got ocular rosacea which subsides in humid weather and now my skin flushes. I tried treating my skin with a tea tree oil mixture but I just get more red and break out. I was diagnosed with sibo. A small intestine bacteria overgrowth. And have been put on a no carb no sugar diet. It kinda helps but not really. I have no digestive issues so it just seems so weird. My doctor thinks it's for sure the cause if rosacea. I was put on flagyl Nd my skin totally cleared up within. Few days. My rosacea is a butterfly rash. Redness less on the morning and progresses as day goes on. Red papules and rough patches that itch when they form. Larger pores on cheeks. Dry eyes. How do I know if u have demodex? I'm so nervous to treat it and make my skin worse and then in the end I don't have demodex. Any help would be great


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Re: Is this demodex?

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Your skin sounds very similar to mine. Large visible pores, overall redness with sporadic red spots that can appear on my face at any given time. I was also diagnosed with SIBO and was given Rifaximin which is an antibiotic that is non systemic meaning it only hits the gut so it doesnt remove the good bacteria along with the bad. I read countless reports about how it helped peoples rosacea, it did absolutely nothing for mine. I have also taken Flagyl as well and I think there might have been a slight improvement in the bumps but in the end its just another antibiotic and that will only make the SIBO worse which will add to the problems. I cannot stand the fear of waking up every day not knowing what kind of face your going to get. I have used these products for almost 2 years (not religiously every evening, but most nights) and I have only seen a slight improvement. I also have clogged pores in my chin that the cream has not helped at all so I'm guessing there is no demodex there. I too have recently been feeling like this disease has progessed to my eyes as they are dry and tear up alot. I would give the products a try but use them sparingly if it scares you too much. I totally get the "dont want to make my face worse than it is already" mentality.

good luck

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