My personal story & diagnosis - tea tree or ZZ?

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My personal story & diagnosis - tea tree or ZZ?

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Hi all,

I feel silly for not having found this website/product earlier, especially since I see the pharmaceutical complex as a bit of a cartel, promoting treatment and a continuation of medication rather than a cure to the disease.

Anyhow, I have had rosacae/acne/demodex for about 4.5 years now. I am now 27.5 years old, so quite young, and it is rather severe. It began as a rash on my right cheek and im not too sure why. I think I was tanning a bit too often at the time, I even kept some tanning lotion on my face overnight a few times, I dont know why i got into that stuff, I just had really nice skin and after a few holidays I got used to the browness and wanted to keep it. I was also living in rather dirty conditions being a poor student in a rough neighborhood in London, England. I did not get enough sunlight and had a poor diet too. And with oily skin, I think this cocktail of ingredients was perfect for rosacae/demodex to flourish.

I remember it was in 2010 when i began to notice it and i think i kept adding the tanning lotion to hide what i did not understand was a little rash on my right cheek. The year before I still had perfet skin so this was a bit of a shock. So my first reaction was to go to an expensive dermatologist and i got the IPL treatment about 5 or 6 times. That was some serious laser-like treatment all over the face and it really hurt as the intensity got stronger after each visit and I am not sure how well it worked. I think it made my skin rougher but cleared up some of the rednes and spots. But as with most things, this was short-term relief rather than any long-term cure.

When I thought it had not cured the disease enough, I started looking for irregular internet products. I found and began using psoria-gold which is a decent topical gel with aloa-vera and turmeric ingredients which is good for your skin and face but it was no miracle, just good at sometimes supressng the reactions of rosacae. But the roughness of my cheeks began to subside and i think the psoria-gold gel did help at soothing the rosacae and IPL aftereffects, but it was no cure.

Now I have learnt of the demodex and it really does make sense. I have always believed there is a cure to all things. Ok maybe you need surgery if you break bones but the skin does heal and I remember having very bad acne when i was younger and by my teens i literally had perfect skin again so I think this is somewhat repeatable. I have also had these styes in my eyes recurring and eyelashes and eyesbrows falling off, in fact i think i had a stye in my eye before the rash and i believe this is still the mites so maybe they began to spread from my eyelid down to the top of my right cheek at first.

But now I have read of others with just a large red rash on one cheek and this has always perplexed the dermatolgist I went to see who usually showed me the popular images of people with rosacae/redness near their chin, both cheeks, and forehead. I will say however that i did begin to get this redness and rough rashy skin on my forehead and both cheeks and i got styes in my left eye but it did clear up, i think the IPL and psoria-gold was helpful here, probably the psoria-gold was useful here. I have since been cured of rosacae from my forehead and left cheek and left eyelid. Its jsut my right cheek, but the whole of it, up to my temple and down to the chin which is pretty severe that is left.

However, the rash on my right cheek has not gone away and it does get worse and spread with spots/postules (in red and white) sometimes , and i get the peeling skin all over my right cheek sometimes too. I now have an very very decent diet (vegetables, fruits and fish/chicken only) and i do about 2 hours of sports per day and I am living in much cleaner conditions. Nevertheless, the rosacae (and i think it is rosacae as a doctor diagnsed me of it) sometimes seems to get worse which is the most annoying thing: not understanding why!

I very recently found a video online of Trina Leavers explaining the demodex and the use of ingredients like tea tree oil and so I have been mixing 50%/50% tea tree oil (7-ish drops) and coconut oil and spreading this combination over my face every night to kill off these mites when they surface at night. This is all I have been doing for now and it has in 2 weeks already cleared my face well though just today i got a little flare up (i think this is because it has been 2 weeks and the cycle repeats?)

Sorry for the long description but this has been such a nuisance that i want to be perfectly open and detailed about my story. I have probably missed out quite alot too. But I was wondering if these symptons are similar to those of others who have used the ZZ cream and if in fact the ZZ cream would be suitable? Also, would the ZZ cream be useful to people with no skin condition whatsoever, so is it just good for people in general? I know tea tree oil, aloa vera, salt-water, coconut oil and turmeric are great for the skin and i think all are decent against rosacae too, but they are no cure. But what makes ZZ better than these? I did not think something could outperform tea tree oil at killing off mites but I think I am wrong?

When I had bad acne when i was young, like 17, my grandma actually put bleach over my face and it hurt like heck and though i got a very red face and spotty, the long-term effects were very impressive, drying up my already oily skin and really cleansing the skin of dirt/bacteria/etc. This is what my most recent tea tree oil procedure feels like and i hope the ZZ cream is similar, though i dont mind less pain.

I am sorry for the long story; but if this ZZ solution really is as good as it seems then i wil become your newest and happiest customer, and i dont mind a long or even painful treatment process. Very recently, the rash has also appeared to start on my left cheek now too, so I really hope I can cure this nightmate.

Sorry for the long story and thank you for any response in advance,


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Re: My personal story & diagnosis - tea tree or ZZ?

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send a picture if you can

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Re: My personal story & diagnosis - tea tree or ZZ?

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Hello steven

Thank you for your detailed explanation, can you find your skin problems more or less here? ... s%20(FAQs)
But what makes ZZ better than these? I did not think something could outperform tea tree oil at killing off mites but I think I am wrong?
Yes you are wrong, the ZZ ointment works much better then tea tree oil, it is specially developed to kill demodex mites
and has 20 years of development and improvement behind it, what people don’t realize is that by teasing the mites with
products which doesn’t work well enough the problem only gets worse in the long run.


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