Is this Demodex?

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Is this Demodex?

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My skin issues started around 9 months ago when I started to notice face had become very dry all of sudden. Around the same time I began to notice what at the time I thought were fine lines on around my eyes which I found very strange as I'm only 24 and I shouldn't be showing signs of ageing at some a young age. Fast forward I realised that these ''lines'' weren't ''lines" but small indentations. These indentations began to develop all over my cheeks/forehead and are still developing daily. Fast forward to the last month I have began to feel a crawling sensation all over my face/scalp along with ongoing indentations which seem to be developing daily at an alarming rate. Through scanning the internet constantly I finally found Demodex and a few stories that seemed similar to mine. I have began washing with tea tree oil soap and shampoo in the last week as I read it helps with Demodex. Before all of this started I had began to develop Keratosis Pilaris on my arms/thigh/back which is still present today but has actually calmed down quite a bit. Im not sure whether this is related to my skin but thought it worth mentioning. I also seen a Derm around a month or two after I had began noticing changes in my skin and I was given a Diagnosis of Seb Derm and some Metronidazole to try, which I did without any relief to my symptoms. I understand me trying to explain the and actually seeing what Im talking about may be difficult. As you can imagine this whole issue is frustrating me greatly as I can see these indentations getting worse day by day and destroying my skin. If anyone can give any help or insight I would v.much appreciate it. I also have pictures that I could share to show exactly what I am talking about. Again any help would be greatly appreciated.


Pictures can be found here -

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Re: Is this Demodex?

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To be honest, I cannot see those indentations around your eyes on your pictures,
maybe your skin start to wrinkle a bit because of your dryer skin.
What I do see is some pimples and clogged pores like little bumps which are according to me a starting sign of demodex mites problems, since you also have a crawling feeling you can almost be sure.
Better not to tease the mites with all this stuff you use, will not help and only make it worse, you should only use the Zhongzhou ointment and please, be patient, minimum treating time is 3 months.


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