Seb Derm

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Seb Derm

Post by jsmokes »

Hey guys, new to the forum. I have seb derm and rosacea. I've been searching and I havent found anything saying that this will help suppress seb derm. I have read A LOT on the subject and some seem to think that demodex mites may have something to do with the cause of seb derm. Is there really no one that has had any experience with both and had positive or negative reactions?

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Re: Seb Derm

Post by mcwick94 »

I have seb derm and these products do nothing to help it at all. I have seb derm flaking all in my Tzone and back by my ears and have found a product by DermEssentials to be helpful. Its an oil and works well. Where and what is your seb derm like and what is your rosacea like as well?

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