ZZ better than XFML?

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ZZ better than XFML?

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As I have recently begun treatment I am going through old threads and discovered one where Walter mentions that the ZZ cream is usually more effective than the XFML.

I was a bit surprised by this since in the FAQ on the start page of the demodexsolutions.com website it says the creams are basically the same with the major difference being that XFML contains metronidazole.

I have also gathered that ZZ contains sulfur, and having used a sulfur containing soap in the past I know my face handles it badly.

Has anyone had the experience that the ZZ works better than the XFML? Or equally good or even the opposite?

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Re: ZZ better than XFML?

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The two cremes are both made to achieve the same, eliminating demodex mites but it are two total different products regarding ingredients.
They both have their pro and contras but in general I would say that the ZZ is my primary choice,
unless your skin can not handle sulfur of course, then the Fumanling is a perfect alternative.


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