Recently begun treatment -- is this normal?

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Recently begun treatment -- is this normal?

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Begun treatment around two weeks ago. Am using the shower soap and the XFML during night.

I normally have about two small pustules per day, less with Ivermectin (which is not a cure but that provides temporary results for me).

A few days ago, my face broke out in the worst pustule activity I have ever experienced. Now I get around 10 pustules each day or even more.

I feel like a monster, I have stopped talking to people but need to continue attending university.

Has someone else experienced anything similar after beginning the treatment? Does it end?

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Re: Recently begun treatment -- is this normal?

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Yes this can be normal, because by killing the mites, they die and decompose in your skin, exposing their host specific bacteria into your skin which can create additional infections,Yes it will end, just try to be patient, you will be thankful later you did.


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