My 9 year old - is this acne??

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My 9 year old - is this acne??

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Hi there, I've been a very successful ZZ cream user for several years now.. swear by the stuff. Anyhow, my 9 year old
son now seems to have something not-so-nice starting on his chin! It looked like a couple of mean looking small
explosions going on... and we have pets, and both my husband and I had acne.. so I've been having him use the
acarid removing soap, and also the ZZ cream at night. It made his skin super dry but the first two did go away... but
now we have a new one, and it's not going away, after a solid week of using the cream twice a day! I'm feeling
kinda bad for the kid!
I have a picture, but now I can't see how to post it on here... anyway, Walter if you could answer that would be awesome,
I could really use a knowledgable second opinion here - don't want to waste my time at the dermatologist! Spent way
too much money on them. Is 9 years old too young, could this be acne?

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Re: My 9 year old - is this acne??

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Can you please email the picture?
please use

9 year old seems a bit too young for me to have teenager acne


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