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About us

SINCE 2003 our goal is to provide the best exsisting quality products against skin problems caused by Demodex mites.
We were the first company on the internet who made people aware about demodex mites and the harm they can do, at the same time, we provide excelent working anti-demodex products.

As a result of our success, many new sites appear trying to sell anti-demodex mites products,
this is the reason you can find the same texts and pictures on different websites, we are copied all the time.

We obtain all our products directly from the factories so we can guarantee the quality and origin.
Be aware for cheaper fake products that are on the market under the same name and packing.

Please note that we are the only officially appointed company to sell the Zhongzhou ointment (zz cream) and DS products outside of China.

In China and Russia, they know already a long time what harm demodex mites can do but last years, more and more research is done and there comes more and more scientific evidence from the Western medical world that demodex mites indeed are linked with skin diseases like Rosacea, Blepharitis, Acne , Rhynophima and other not specific skin problems.

We provide a page with Links to published studies regarding Demodex mites on the net.

Also, we would like to build a List from doctors all over the world who are carrying out demodex mites test, it will help a lot of people when they know where to go to determine if they have indeed a Demodex mites problem, for the moment, most don't have any idea where.........
If you are a doctor, or one knows a doctor who does, please let us know so we can contact him/her to ask permission to add to the list.

Email: info@demodexsolutions.com or use Contact form

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