1: Because the nature of our products, it is impossible for us to make a general refund policy, we can guaranty that our products work if used for the right purpose, however we have no insight where people are using our products for neither if the treat in the way it is described, therefore refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management.
If you have questions about a refund just mail us at  Info demodex solutions
2: It is always better to inform us about your skin problem with as much details as possible before you buy, in this way we can help and advice you much better.
3: In general we advice to start the treatment using both products, the Fumanling cream and the Zhongzhou medical ointment, in case one of this products would not suit your skin type we will replace it for free to the other one, in this case, only the shipping needs to be paid or we can ad the replacement together with your next order.

If you are the owner of a microscope or have the possibility to use one it is very simple to do a demodex mites test yourself, you can find the explanation how to do in the FAQ and also view or download a movie, choose Pictures and movies from the maim menu on the left and click "How to do a mite test"