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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:55 am 

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Hi all,

I bought the ZZ cream almost a year ago and I am returning to tell my story because I promised to do so and I know exactly how some of you feel, and this will be the type of testimonial you value the most: the truth, in detail, with pictures to prove it.

To summarise what I am about to say, ill state this: I had a very bad case of rosacae and at a very young age. I tried almost everything, and the ZZ cream was the only thing that actually worked, and not only it did halt or treat the rosacae, it reversed it and utterly cured me in about 2 weeks.
Here is the long version of my story, in detail….

I noticed the right side of my cheek getting more and more red at the age of 22. I thought it was a sun burn at the time and after thinking very hard, I believe it started when I applied for the first time some fake-tan after a holiday because I did not want to lose my tan. This is how I think the rosacae really accelerated since these demodex mites feast on irritating substances, plus my skin has always been oily.

The first treatment I sought was the most expensive: lazer IPL. By now my cheek was very red and the lazer made it temporarily worse, but then the skin did get a bit better, though this was just short-term, and longer-term it made things worse as it was just killing off my skin cells but not the mites that come with it: typical stuff from the pharmaceuticals – short-term success, long-term worsening to guarantee the client dependency and money stream for life.

Next up I tried some creams from the internet, not many, but some. Even at the young age of 23 I knew that the lazer surgery would only be short term and I could see the redness return, spreading further and some spots started appearing with it. I also started to get some spots on my eyelid. At first I thought this was unrelated and kept on assuming so for another few years. These were chalazions, as these demodex mites also love the eyelashes and eyelids, hiding there and in the eyebrows.
The best cream I tried was psoria-gold for my face. It was full of naturally healing substances like turmeric and aloa vera which is great for you. At this time I was also living an extremely healthy lifestyle – 2 hours of sports a day on average, drinking lots of water and eating just fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish. I was in fantastic shape but still felt extremely depressed due to the inability to reverse the rosacae: at best, this high maintenance lifestyle was halting the spread of rosacae but certainly not curing it.

This healthy lifestyle with the psoria-gold cream went on for about 2 years and some days I thought I was getting better, others worse, but overall it was staying the same. I became used to having my face red and full of spots that would come and go constantly. However, it was when the rosacae started to really spread to my left cheek – which was previously left almost untouched – that I really started to freak out. Deep down I have always thought that the body could heal – particularly with herbs – almost anything except some things like broken bones, etc, where yes you would need surgery or a doctor. But when the rosacae spread to my left cheek, I became extremely desperate and extremely depressed. At just the age of 25 I thought my face was going to be very red and spotty forever. All the doctors I saw, and I went to many countries, said this condition cannot be cured and only gets worse with age.

I searched further online and came across the information of demodex mites from some lady on youtube who was talking about using tea tree oil to kill the mites. This actually started to make sense to me. I started taking lots of baths with tea tree oil and trying to ambush them at night – when they come out to feast and mate - with a cocktail of coconut oil and tea tree. I felt the tea tree oil was definitely clearing up my skin but not killing these mites sufficiently enough. However, I had learnt for the first time the cause of the rosacae: it was not some unexplained phenomenon that every doctor had previously stated – of course there is a cause and effect for everything in life. It did not take me long to come across once I found out what demodex mites were. I felt stupid for not having found about this earlier but I was extremely happy: it was the understanding of the rosacae which I was really missing. I had been conducting trial-and-error experiments on myself for years because no so-called “expert” knew what they were fighting. How can you defeat something you do not fully understand anyway? By now I felt like I was an absolute expert in skin conditions, particularly around the face.

It took a few days to read the testimonials on this demodexsolutions website and I thought to myself: well ive spent thousands on the laser, creams, and the biggest damage was psychological. I just had to try this cream. I believed the theory of the mites, I thought it was treatable and reversible, and it was just 30 dollars! Anyway, the ordering of the product was extremely professional, I could track it and it came in less than 4 days from the other side of the world.

I ordered the ZZ cream, and the one for the eyelashes that I ordered to deal with the accompanying chalazions I still had on my eyelids. In fact, I had already gone to surgically remove these chalazions about 6 times in my life already and became used to just having them permanently as removing them was a painful, strange and extremely embarrassing process. The ZZ cream had a chilling effect on my cheeks and I was imagining the mites getting slaughtered. I think for the first 2 or 3 days nothing looked much different except my cheeks looking slightly whiter due to the colour of the cream. Then for about 2 days after I thought things looked a tiny bit worse, but I was told to expect this because these demodex die and explode on your skin, causing the redness reaction. Soon, I realised the pots were going but the redness took longer. Then, by the second week, it was obvious it was clearing it all up and easily reversing the rosacae. As for the big chalazion balls in my eyelids, they very discretely got smaller from the beginning and just disappeared forever and you just cannot even tell I ever had this problem now. The mites were being consistently killed all over my face every day for 3 weeks, unable to eat or reproduce.

I think by the 3rd week it was gone, and I was in such euphoria I was looking in the mirror non-stop and looking for an excuse to go out to see friends. I literally started dating a beautiful girl a month later, a girl I am still with, and I only recently told her the truth behind all of this, which reminded me of my karma duty to tell everyone who suffered like I did. I learnt a lot during this journey and have not forgotten how I would have traded a million dollars for the face I have now and more importantly, the psychological impact of getting my social life back in order. I am still extremely healthy and have kept all the positive healthy tips I learnt from this journey, and stopped worrying of silly things.

I owe so much to demodexsolutions and I hope they do not take my next and only criticism of them at heart, but when I read of a Chinese solution from a Russian looking website which did not look as professional as the other ones I had visited, I had doubts. But it is this simple, it is the only thing I know that works, and I must have done thousands of dollars and hours worth of experimentation and research. If you have rosacae, or even if you think you have it or one of its variations, just buy this ZZ product. It is not a little scam, and for 30 bucks you literally get a priceless gift. I only bought 1 ZZ cream once, but I do feel like buying another one just as they deserve it and just in case any family get any similar issues.

Here are pictures Ive always wanted to delete and never wanted to take in the first place, but once I upload them I can finally do so. It is so embarrassing that I did just redact my eyes a bit, but the evidence is there. The pictures I took where you can see the rosacae were all just before/as the rosacae began spreading to my left cheek a year ago, about 1 or 2 months before buying and using the ZZ cream. The pictures you see where my face is clearly perfect again, that was taken today, so just under a yeah after I bought the product, but my face has looked like this for about a year. So in short, it works, and it worked fully curing me in less than a month. So it works, it’s the cheapest product I tried, and its perfect!!

right-side3.jpg [ 154.43 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
right-side2.jpg [ 111.95 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
right-side1.jpg [ 175.5 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:59 am 

Joined: Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:25 pm
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here are more pictures of the right side of my cheeck BEFORE using the ZZ cream

right-side6.jpg [ 168.42 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
right-side5.jpg [ 132.56 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:11 am 

Joined: Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:25 pm
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here are the pictures after - u can see the rosacae/acne/etc has totally dissapeared!

right-side-cured3.jpg [ 142.95 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
right-side-cured2.jpg [ 124.12 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
right-side-cured1.jpg [ 124.2 KiB | Viewed 12815 times ]
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