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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:00 pm 

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If left untreated long enough, can these mites travel to other organs of the body causing problems? I have what sounds like demodex on my hands, face and legs at times. I've recently been diagnosed with some type of fungal infection in my sinuses. It's caused severe deterioration in the septum and beyond. I have an appointment with a 2nd specialist the end of March. As of yet, noone has been able to tell exactly what it is. If these mites can live in the eyelash and on the nose, what keeps them from penetrating into the membranes and causing damage within. Nothing I've been reading seems to put the two symptoms together. Are they unrelated? I'm quite freaked out because the damage in my head has come on quite rapidly and does not have a very good mortality rating for the stage I seem to be at. I'm only 40 and am in no way willing to give up on this but I have been sent home in the beginning with the Delusional diagnosis. Had they looked more extensively then, I would not be in the state I am now. Please, any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

 Post subject: Maybe so.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 6:42 pm 
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Good question.

First, I've learned to accept that others may think that I am delusional, but I do not accept it myself. After awhile, I became accustomed to the hardline skepticism of people during discussions of mites and their consequences.

Even if I am certifiably delusional, there is no denying that I have experienced several general health improvements during and after controlling the mites. If I had convinced myself that I was delusional, I would not have tried Demodex Solutions' products.

I will soon post another avatar showing the improvement of my relapse when I became lax in applying treatment. The current avatar shows the beginning of the relapse after more than a year of diligent application of the products.

Personally, I think I've had mites inside my sinuses -- or at least high up inside my nose. Maybe the symptoms were the result of having mites in the vicinity. They might have brough bacteria and fungi deeper into my sinuses and nose than they normally go.

Once in awhile, I treat the inside of my nostrils with product. Doesn't matter which, but I choose XFML more often for that particular application.

Hair follicles inside the nose are close to other important tissues. Demodex lives in the hair follicles.

I wonder . . .

However, since you have a diagnosis of a fungal infection, please persist in finding treatment. Between you, me, and the global lampost, my guess is that it might be Aspergillus sp. Aspergillus is the black mold that grows in damp areas of the home and workplace, including air ducts.

It's nasty. The spores blow around and settle everywhere in the room. Walter's products won't help the fungus infection, but it cannot hurt to eliminate mites if you have an overpopulation anywhere on your body.

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