On this page we display pictures from people before and after the treatment, click on a picture to enlarge, the picture on the left side is always the starting picture so it is easy to compare and follow the evolution of the treatment.
Please keep in mind that the success of this page depends on the pictures we receive from users, if you are satisfied and want to help other people,
just mail your pictures to Email Pictures. It is possible to mail the
"Before" picture('s) first so we can already place them, Later, when the treatment is finished, mail the "After" picture('s) and we will add them accordingly, many people will be grateful for this because they will finely be able to recognise their skin problems in a visual way.
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Rosacea with acne
Severe rosacea
Bad case of cystic acne
Back acne
Teenager acne
Brandy Nose / Acne
Acne Rosacea
Cystic acne

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