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Why products from China?
It is only recently that the negative influences of Demodex mites on the skin have become of interest to Western researchers in the medical field. In China, there has been an established and on-going study of the ill effects of this parasite on humans for more than 30 years. Chinese professors have developed a large body of research in the study of Demodex mites. This research has been directed toward understanding their relationship to skin diseases and developing products to safely eliminate them without doing harmful damage to the skin.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a 5000-year old culture which draws from ancient knowledge regarding the use of natural herbs and the derived benefits of alternative healing practices. Chinese Medical Practitioners use a different treatment approach based on long experience with natural healing.
This knowledge, combined with Western medicine makes our products so unique,
they are newly developed, thoroughly tested and have the advantages of two total different sciences in them.

Our products are used with great success in China for a number of years and are proven to be very effective and safe.
What damage can Demodex do?
Demodex mites live inside the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, sucking nutrients from the hair roots and damaging the cell walls. After mating they burrow into the skin, laying eggs, introducing bacteria and infection to the skin. Throughout the five phases of their life cycle, these mites destroy the skin by excreting wastes and secretions, laying eggs and dying within its layers. After death, their corpses become liquid and decompose inside the skin.

Research indicates that human demodex is a conditional-pathogenic parasite. The disorder occurs as the result of a large infestation of demodex mites on the skin, combined with a weakened immune system. The physical, chemical and mechanical stimulation of the skin from the mites can cause the immune system to react in extreme ways. Local allergic inflammation, erythema, papules and pustules are all reactions by the immune system.

The adolescent mite dermatitis and early symptoms of rosacea are frequently misdiagnosed as adolescent acne. A sample study has shown that from people with mite dermatitis (at least 60% of the population), 2.44% have rosacea; 7.56% have acne-like mite dermatitis. (See note 1.) When mite testing and the accorded treatment are not carried out, this condition causes increased damage to the normal health, structure and beauty of the skin. The destruction of the skin becomes more and more severe as the condition persists, leaving the facial skin rough and ugly.

The inflammation will repeatedly occur without timely intervention, correct diagnosis and effective therapy. Pathologic changes to the skin, such as enlarged opening of the hair follicles, widened pores, enlarged and damaged capillaries, hyperplasia of cells and even rhinophyma (growth of the nose and central facial areas) can develop.

Given this, it is not difficult to imagine the extent of the damage that the mites cause.
What are the most obvious signs from demodex activity?
There are numerous different signs of demodex activity. This is not a complete list, rather it contains some of the most common cases.

One of the most obvious signs of the condition is a itching, crawling sensation on the face or (and) in the scalp, but most of the time, there is no itching at all, and people are not aware they are infested with Demodex mites.
Often, the pores on the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks, become visibly larger. At a further stage, acne can develop, after some time, the facial skin can become red in places (rosacea) enlarging and damaging the capillaries, thickening the nose (brandy nose) etc.

Tickling sensation on the face. This occurs most frequently on the lower nose, forehead and cheeks, especially in the evening and night. This is the highest period of activity, usually when they mate. Many people are not aware of this tickle, because it starts gradually and it becomes an automatic reaction to scratch without noticing. You may have observed someone repeatedly scratching his face without realizing it.

Tickle on the scalp. Naturally, there can be also other conditions that give cause for scratching, like lice and dandruff. These should be ruled out in order to determine proper treatment.

Hair loss. In some cases, premature hair loss can be linked with extended demodex folliculorum activity.

Widened pores. Starts usually on the nose and cheeks.

Acne. Forms include pimples, pustules, papules, popular eruption etc.

Red skin. Usually appears on the lower sides of the nose, forehead and cheeks.

Itching eye lashes. Many times the eyelashes are thinning and falling out.

Itching eye brows.

Excess facial oils.

Demodedic rosacea.

Swollen nose.
Is teenager acne also caused by Demodex Mites?
Yes, 90% of the teenagers acne is caused by Demodex mites, 10% is bacterial,
the change of the hormones at that age makes the sebaceous glands produce more sebum,
making the facial skin a perfect living and breeding place, they can now easily multiply and this is translated in infections and acne.
This data is arrived from 150 clinics in China whom using only the ZhongZhou Medical Ointment as treatment.
I have a greasy skin, will I always have acne?
No, a greasy skin does not mean you need to have acne, a greasy skin becomes only acne when there are infections, and the reason for the infections are most of the time Demodex mites.
If you eliminate the Demodex mites the infections will stop and your skin will get smooth and soft again, your pores will become smaller and an oily skin will be something from the past. .
Removing the Demodex mites will also reduce the infections from shaving to almost nothing.
Is it possible to have a problem with demodex mites without knowing?
Yes, many people have problems, in one way or another, without knowing because there is not a lot of attention given to them by the medical profession. The sooner that treatment is begun, the better your chances are to arrest the mites and prevent them from causing permanent damage.
Are Demodex Mites contagious?
Yes, demodex mites are very contagious. They are acquired through physical contact with infected persons; for example through kissing, hugging, using the same towels etc. However, not everyone who is infected has problems with them. It is a fact that the majority of infected people, show no signs of any disease, from the infected people, only around 10% are getting skin problems. This may be due to a healthier immune system and/or because of numerous other reasons which are not so well known for the moment.
Infected people with no visible signs can also transmit the mites to other people.
Once infected, it can take months or even years before the signs of infection become visible.
Demodex mites and the beauty of your skin
Even when there are no visible signs of demodex activity it is worth to treat yourself and eliminate the mites before it can become a disease.
A very common result from demodex mites infection are widened pores,most of the time starting on the nose, eliminating the mites with our ointments will close your pores again and keep your skin healthy.
There are very good cosmetic products this days but what people doesn’t know is that you actually help the mites with them, good cosmetics contains a lot of nutrition’s and the mites are very happy with them.
Eliminating the mites first will improve your skin so much more, and the effect of your expensive cosmetics will be only positive, not helping the mites anymore to bread and damage your skin.
Loosing eye lashes is also many times a result from Demodex mites activity which are living in the roots of the eye lashes.
Why is it so important to do a test to see if you are infected with demodex mites?
First of all, it is obvious that you would want to know if demodex mites are the reason for your skin problem before starting the treatment. An accurate test will reveal the mite’s presence.

We always advise people to be tested by a dermatologist who is experienced in this area. The treatment and follow up should be with the approval of the dermatologist. However, in the case where it is not possible to see a doctor, and you have access to a microscope you can easily do the test yourself.

There is a movie available on the website so the doctor (or you) can see how to do the test. If the doctor has any more questions we will answer as soon as possible.
When the test is positive the person will be much more motivated to start and continue the treatment until the end. It is also necessary to do a test to find out if the mites are completely gone after the treatment, even when the symptoms are gone, otherwise the disease will start again.
How do I do the test (Information for the Dermatologist or yourself)
In this section we will explain how to determine if you are infected with demodex mites and how to find and count them. In this way you will be able to follow the progress of the treatment. It is important to do the treatment until the test result is negative and all of the mites are gone. Otherwise they will continue to multiply and the treatment must be repeated. It takes about 5 minutes for an experienced person to perform the test.
We also have a video available to help clarify the testing procedure.

What you will need:
1. A microscope with a good lighting system and light condenser, a multiplication of 40 to 60 times is enough to detect them. In order to see more details you will need a magnification up to 400X.
2. A tool to scrape the sebum from the face and mix the obtained sample with the oil on the glass slide. There are some special tools sold for this purpose but anything will do, like for a example a little pointed knife, doesn’t need to be sharp, be careful not to cut your skin.
3. Household vegetable oil such as bean oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil, etc. to dissolve the sebum. Do not use liquid paraffin, glycerin, shampoo oil etc.
4. Latex gloves to protect your hands from further infection from the mites, or latex fingers for the fingers you use to press the sebum out.
5. A small bottle for holding the oil and a pipette to put drops of the oil on the glass slide.
6. A disinfectant to disinfect the scrape tool.
7. Cotton balls to clean the tool.

What to do:
Taking samples in the different drops of oil and from different parts of the face will enable you to locate the originating areas of the mites.

1. First put three separate drops of vegetable oil onto a glass slide.

2. The doctor should sit face to face with the person and press the thumb and second finger on one side of the nose hard enough to squeeze some sebum out and scrape it off with the mite tool or something similar.

3. Put the obtained sebum in the first drop of oil and mix it so the sebum will dissolve in
the oil and free the present mites, their larvae and eggs. Label the drop of oil with the specimen, according to the part of the face from which the mites were taken.

4.Do the same with the other side of the nose and put in the same drop of oil and mix.

5. Now press the top of the nose, scrape it and put the scraping in the same drop of oil
and mix.

6. Clean and disinfect the mite tool.

7. Now scrape the forehead between the eye brows, stretch the forehead skin with your
left hand up and starting in the middle of the fore head, scrape downwards to the
beginning of the nose. Apply enough pressure so that you have a good sample. Do this a couple of times to ensure that you have collected enough to produce good results.

8. Put the obtained sample in the second drop of oil on the glass slide and mix with the oil and once again, disinfect the mite tool.

9. Now we have to obtain some sebum from the chin. Clench the jaw and facial muscles to create some tension on the skin of the chin. Scrape the skin starting from the lip down and apply enough pressure to obtain some sebum. Do this a couple of times in different directions.

10. Mix the obtained sample with oil in the third drop of oil.

11. Disinfect the mite tool for future use.
12. Place the glass slide under the microscope and examine the different drops one by
one. Look very carefully and don’t use too much magnification in the beginning; 40 to 60X is enough. Increase the magnification after you find them and want to see more details. Adjust the light and focus as necessary to see the living and dead mites, eggs, nymphs and remaining bodies. Once you know what to look for, they become very easy to identify and the testing time will take only 5 minutes or so.
Counting them will allow you to follow the progress of the disease by comparing the amount of mites with the future tests. Record the number that you find according to type: long (folliculorum) and short (brevis) from the different areas of the face (different drops of oil).

If you want to see them move the most dynamic temperature is between 28- 36 degrees Celsius, the minimum is 25 degrees Celsius. If necessary, warm up the glass slide in your hands. They can live away from the host approximately 36-58 hours in a drop of oil.

Larvae and nymphs never move but if you increase magnification you can sometimes
see the mouth of the nymph moving. If you don’t find any then it is almost sure you are looking for the wrong things or you did the test incorrectly and need to do it over.
Only discontinue the treatment when the test results are negative.

There are pictures of samples shown under the microscope which available on the web site so you can see what you will expect to find.

If you have more questions just email
Which ointment do I use?
The Zhongzhou ointment and the Xin Fumanling cream are both made to achieve the same results but they are produced in two total different factories, the biggest difference is that the Fumanling cream besides herbs, also contains 3% metronidazole, the Zhongzhou contains no metronidazole.
Some people (rarely) can react on Metronidazole in the form of red skin or/and itching stinging feeling, this is not dangerous and disappears immediately after stop using but if this is the case, better to use only the Zhongzhou ointment.
We advise people to start with using the Fumanling in the morning and the Zhongzhou in the evening, it depends from person to person which one the best suits for you, use them both to begin the treatment is the best way to find out, and if everything is going well, just continue with using both products, otherwise, only use the one which is the best for your skin type.
The evening treatment is the most important.
How to use Zhongzhou ointment and Fumanling cream?
Before application, wash the face and hands with warm water and a neutral soap, or better, our acarid removing soap. Wipe the face dry. (a slightly moist skin can make the application of the Zhongzhou ointment more easy) the most easy way to apply the ointment or cream is to put some tiny little dots everywhere on the face with a finger and then gently rub the product into the skin, it is really not necessary to use a lot, just a tiny bit is enough. Repeat this procedure 2 times a day, one time in the morning and one time in the evening, the most important application is in the evening one.
Try to avoid the use of cosmetics as much as possible during the treatment.
While using the ointment externally one can take 5-10 mg of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3 times a day at the same time, in addition, any product that can boost the immune system can be a help.
Even if the symptoms are gone, don't stop treating, the duration of treatment at least 90 days for Demodex folliculorum, and at least 120 days for Demodex brevis.
Never use The Zhongzhou ointment together with the Fumanling cream at the same time, alternating use like Fumanling in the morning and Zhongzhou in the evening is ok.
This cream and/or ointment can only be applied externally, oral medication is not permitted.
How long must I continue the treatment?
You have to treat until they are all destroyed. This can only be seen by doing a test. Even if the symptoms have disappeared, it does not mean that they are completely gone. If you discontinue the treatment before the mites have been eliminated, they will multiply again very soon. The treatment can take up to five months, but you will see the results much sooner and in most of the cases, when you also suffer from itching skin, this itch will stop after the first month.

To eliminate the long demodex (folliculorum) you need continuous treatment for 90 days.
For the short demodex (brevis) it will take 120 days.
Since without a test you never know if demodex brevis is present yes or no it is advisable to treat always at least for 120 day's to be sure they are all gone,
however, the majority of the mites will be eliminated after one month.
Why does it take so long to eliminate them completely?
It takes so long because they are so difficult to reach and because the eggs and nymphs cannot be killed. Demodex folliculorum is the easiest to destroy because they live in the hair follicles and come regularly out of the skin to mate on the surface.
Demodex brevis mites live deeper in the sebaceous glands and doesn't surface so much, they are much more difficult to reach, that is why demodex brevis takes a longer time to eliminate.
The ovum and nymphs are always in a deeper part of the skin and are covered with a membrane which nothing can penetrate. The ovum and nymphs cannot be killed, not with pesticides, not with ivermectin or whatever. The time from copulating until a new generation hatches is between 15 to 20 days. So, it is very important to treat in a continuous way to catch the adults and prevent them from mating again.
Can there be setbacks?
Yes, it is possible to have setbacks even after several days of treatment. When the mites die, they decompose inside the skin and cause infection there. Different people have different levels of reaction to the infection. This is the most difficult period for acne and rosacea suffers, because they sometimes think that the treatment is not working, but on the contrary, it means that the cream is working well and the mites are being killed. It is very important in this stage not to become discouraged and to continue the treatment without interruption. This period will last not long. Know that you skin will clear up and get better soon.
Can I use make up while treating ?
It is better not to use make up or as less as possible while treating..
The goal is to kill all of the mites. If you use make up or something else at the same time, the action of the cream is weakened and the treatment will be longer.
Of course, if needed you can use make up once in a while.
Is the warm/cold feeling normal when I apply the cream?
Yes, the Xin Fumanling cream can give a kind of hot sensation on your skin, the Zhongzhou ointment gives more like a cold (cooling) feeling, also, because of the mint inside the Zhongzhou, some people can get a running nose and/or tears in there eyes, there is nothing to worry about if this would happen, this side effects disappear after a couple of minutes and becomes gradually less as the treatment progresses.
Why the tickle does become worse in the evening and night?
Demodex mites are more active in the dark. They are genetically programmed to surface in the evening to breed, probable to increase there survival chances (host is sleeping).
This explains why the tickle/itch gets worse in the evening. There is much more movement on the surface of the skin at that time.
Do I need to take vitamins during the treatment?
Yes, it is a help if you take 5-10 mg of vitamin B² (riboflavin) 3 times a day during the treatment, in addition, everything that can boost your immune system is a help.
How long do they live outside the body?
Demodex mites die soon in a dry environment. They can only live for a couple of hours away from the host. In a wet environment, like towel, this can be longer, and in a drop of oil for example they can live sometimes up to 58 hours.
Is there a need to take special precautions in the household while treating?
Not so much, demodex mites will eventually die soon when away from the body, but they can sometimes live longer without a live host in a humid environment like towels etc.
so always use your own towels and personal accessories, also try to change your pillow case often or better, even every day.

Try to avoid contact with other infected persons even when they show no visible signs of having the mites, they can infect you again, If in doubt, your partner should also be tested for demodex mites and if infected, do the treatment, otherwise you will become re-infected by means of physical contact, pillows, bedding etc.

Please don't over react if your partner has no visible signs like acne, rosacea, itch etc. in this case, wait first till the treatment improved you so you are sure demodex mites was your problem, then later you can try to find out if physical contact with your partner makes you worse again and treat him/her if necessary.

Try to avoid facial contact with your pets and wash you hands after petting them.
What to do after the treatment?
Normally you don’t have to do anything. Gone is gone but it is easy to become infected again by contact with other people, towels, your partner (if not treated), beds etc…
Try to minimize physical face contact with other people and don’t use their personal things like towels etc.
It is a good idea to use one of the treatment products (Zhongzhou, Fumanling) on some kind of regular basis before going to sleep to prevent them from returning like for example every other day only in the evening.

At the first signs of re-infection take a test as soon as possible. If the results are positive, restart and continue the treatment until the mites are gone again.
Can there be hitching all over the body?
Yes, while demodex mites can live anywhere on the body where there are sebaceous glands, tickle and spots can occur on other areas of the body because of an allergic reaction by one’s immune system to infection from the mites however, normally this can only happen when the immune system is really weakened, like for example aids patients.
Acne on chest or back is more likely to happen because of Demodex mites.
Why they can not be treated effectively with pesticides etc.?
Human pesticides are harmful to the health of your skin and require in case of demodex mites, to long period of treatment for your facial skin with generally poor results. The mites burrow deep into the tissue of the skin and are well hidden inside the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, making them very hard to reach. You cannot kill the eggs and nymphs because they are enclosed with a membrane that seals them well, also pesticides can not penetrate this seal.

Using a pesticide a couple of times does almost nothing because you only kill the ones you can reach and every day new ones appear, ready to breed. The most successful approach is continuous treatment with a safe to use product. This assures that you are killing all of the mites as they come to the skin’s surface and over time, it will take care of the ones who don’t.
Are these products just an other Chinese myth?
No, these products are the result of more than 30 years of scientific research, the Zhongzhou medical ointment is the only medicine for treatment and prevention of demodectic dermatitis in China that is a Classified Patent Medicine of People’s Republic of China. Patent No. ZL-87105110.9 Certificate No. DWYZ (1995) 002657

It has undergone all of the required tests in China as is done in the West.
Theory test
Practical test on patients
Quality inspection
Safety test

The effects and uses of Zhongzhou Ointment

Zhongzhou Ointment is used for the treatment and prevention of demodectic dermatitis found on the human face (acne, rosacea)) by killing Demodiciodea in the skin.
Its total effective rate is 99.7% and curable rate is 93.46%, which is 3.8 times greater than that of the same type of medicine used in other parts of the world.
Zhongzhou Ointment was used for treating patients diagnosed as having demodectic dermatitis and the effect of mite killing (P< 0.01) is remarkable.
Reference 1: Report of the pharmacology and toxicology test for the application of new medicine.
Reference 2: Report of phase 2 clinical test at three large hospitals.

The Chinese Congress has granted an official product number of (91) P.D.-7 for this ointment. In 1993, the ointment won a gold medal at the Fair of New Science and Technology Results and Patent Technology and Products, sponsored by the State Science and Technology Commission. In 1994, Zhao’s ointment won another gold medal at the Fifth Asian and Pacific International Trade Fair.

The Xin Fumanling cream has won the First State-invention Award and the 14th International Invention Silver award in Geneva.This product is especially effective for killing mites and has a special inhibition for bacteria as demonstrated in the pharmacological and clinical experiments conducted by Asia researchers.

Clinical experiments were conducted in the following eight hospitals- the Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical University, Affiliated Huashan Hospital of Shanghai Medical University, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, Shandong Prevention and Treatment Institute of Dermatopathy, Jinan Prevention and Treatment Institute of Dermatopathy, Qindgao No. 2 People’s Hospital, Taian Central Hospital and People’s Hospital of Heze Prefecture.

The results showed that of the 308 patients (with 112 cases as control group using 5% sulphur cream) show that the Xin Fumanling cream has significant curative effects and it has 94.96 % curable efficiency for brandy nose and 85.37 % curable efficiency for acne, the therapeutic effort is better than that of the 5 % sulphur cream.
Can demodex mites cause problems in the eye lashes?
Yes, Demodex mites can cause severe problems in the eye lashes.
Many woman are loosing there eye lashes because of Demodex activity,
Extreme tickling, redness because of infections and even blepharitis. (see links section)
Only treating the face and eliminate the Demodex Mites is most of the time enough
to get rid of this problem, in some extreme cases, additional treatment of the eye lashes can be necessary.

As a matter of caution, never use any of the products from the website in your eyes or eye lashes. Treatment of the eyes and the surrounding areas requires very specific products. You must first be examined by a physician who specializes in this field. Generally, a prescriptive ointment will be recommended. To repeat: Always consult with your physician before you use any kind of medication on your eyes
My doctor tells me I am delusional?
This happens every day, except in Russia and China, almost all dermatologists don’t recognize or take Demodex mites into consideration when an itchy or crawling feeling on the face or/and scalp occurs.
In the rare cases they indeed diagnose Demodex mites the only thing they can do is treating with pesticides who are poisonous and very bad for your skin, most of the time, pesticides only help a bit and are not able to eliminate them completely so they just start to bread again and the symptoms stay.
The reason why some people are getting troubles with those mites and others not is not well know, but has probable to do with a change in the immune system.
Doctors simply don’t know how, or don’t want to test for those mites, it is a pity because it is very simple and takes only a couple of minutes.
That is how it works in the Western medicine, if they can’t proof or they don’t know, it is not there, and sending the people home with the message they are delusional happens many times.
Especially people with a lowered immune system can become suddenly a victim from those mites.
If you have a facial skin problem and you are not sure if Demodex mites are the reason,
it is a good idea to mail us first with the explanation and history of the problem,
in that way we can help and advice you much better.
Email: info@demodexsolutions.com
Dogs and red mange, infestation from demodex mites
We are not familiar with treating pets but according people already used
our products to treat there dogs against Demodex mites, our products seems to work
great, even better then the pesticides usually used for pets.
If you want to treat your dog with non-poison save medicines,
this is the solution.
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The information on this site is gathered from multiple sources. The authors cannot be responsible for its use. The information originates from very experienced researchers in this field of study. Chinese professor Zhao Zhong-Zhou, a specialist in preventing and treating human larva form acaridiasis and one of the most advanced specialists in this field has provided much of the content.

(1) Professor Woodward Singerbush (institute of arthropod, South Georgia University, USA). Investigation of Demodiciodea epidemiology in the west of New York State of USA.
(2) Professor Qu Kuizun (Qingdao Medical Colledge, Shangdong). Epidemiology of human demodicidosis. Chinese Dermatology Journal 1982, vol. 15(2)
(3) Professor Qu kuizun. Relationship of human Demodiciode infection and rosacea:
Spot quantitative observation of the aspects of Demodiciodea epidemiology.
The Collection of the Chinese Demodicidosis Seminar. 1988.7.

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